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I am working for a company that needs to upgrade (!?@?@#$UGH!!!#$*#) from Peachtree Office Accounting. Is there a way to convert a PT Office database/company to a more current version? I have just installed Peachtree 2005 (it's box was unopened, in a cupboard...) and I can't seem to find a link or a way to do that. The file I have is a .ptdb file that was created in PT Office, but OS is XP so I can't open it at all. HELP!?
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If you mean ptb file then you have a back up file. Try using the File>>Restore steps instead of trying to open the file.
I'm not familar with Peachtree Office accounting but if your 2005 version is the same level of program then it might be able convert the file.
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I'm pretty sure it won't convert. Peachtree Office accounting was a very short lived product based on Microsoft Office. Probably the best you can do is export from Office Accounting, lists such as Vendor and Customer info and import those into the Peachtree Accounting.
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Diane Koers

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