Direct Access to Peachtree data???

I am new to Peachtree and have read everything on their web site and talked to support hoping to find a way to get direct access to Peachtree data. I have played with importing and exporting customers but don't see a way to automate an import.
Specifically, I want our web site orders and new customers to load directly (and automatically) into Peachtree Accounting without duplicate data entry.
I read that Sage is going to convert the database from Pervasive to MySql for 2009 so hopefully that will solve the problem in the future. Right now everything is about that magic word "synch" - pathetic ancient technology. In my early years we called this "batch processing". Some things never change.
Sage is really blowing it - Quickbooks has so many add-ons.
Sorry for my venting, but I'm pretty frustrated.
Thanks for any info.
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