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I want to move Peachtree data from a local drive to a network drive.
What is the process for this. I tried it already but Peachtree would
not open. The network drive is a shared data drive on a server which
the client PC was connected to.
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Then you must install Peachtree on the server, choosing to install the Server components only. You should probably then uninstall it from the workstation and reinstall it to the mapped drive where the data resides. Do not include the actual company data file folder in the path. For example, if you create the P drive, mapped to C:\program files\sage software\peachtree, then you would show the install data path as P:\Company.
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Diane Koers
FYI This will only work if you are using a Windows server. Peachtree no longer supports shared folders on Non-Windows servers.
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:We did a similar move last year. Our data server is running xp. We firstbacked up our peachtree data from the old computer that was being used tostore the data using the backup option that is integrated in Peachtree. Then we installed peachtree onto the server using the data server onlyoption. Then I reinstalled Peachtree onto our workstations, mapped to thedata server drive and then did a data restore to get our real data back upand running. Had no problems at all with the process even though all ourother computers that use peachtree are using vista and the data server isxp. Obviously, all your computers should be in the same workgroup tomake the mapping easy, but other than that, it should work with no majorissues.
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