How to tackle freeze screen when closing fiscal year?

Dear Sir/Madam
Although browing through all the discussion, could see an exact solution to my problem. Would appriecate if anyone has any past experience on how to tackle the following:
1. Our period are for 2005 and 2006. Therefore we need to close fiscal
year in order to post transaction to 2007.
2. However upon closing the fiscal year it seems to freeze at about 60+% with hard disk light blinking. Assume it's still working on it.
3. It has been at least 5 days and is still running like that.
4. If we can't rectify this problem, is creating a new company and start inputting opening balances for 2007 the only choice?
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5 days is definitely indicating that there is a problem.
I would kill the process and start over. Restore the backup made at the beginning of the wizard on a local drive if on a network. On the local drive, run Data Verification. Delete the following files: evntcls, jrncls, alarm.dat, alert.dat, eventlog.dat, and audittr.dat. Note that the first 2 files might not exist as they are created as part of the year end closing process. Now start the wizard again. Make another backup when prompted. Also, make sure nothing else is running in the background.
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Thanks, Laura.
I will try your suggestion although my peachtree is version 8 but not the newer one.
If it still doesn't work, we will have no choice but to start a new company because we have been idling for too many days.
Thanks once again.
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