Inv. Unit Activity Report errors

Hi all,
Okay. I've done every test, even "Repair Company" and when I ask for an
Inventory Unit Activity Report it tells me that this month so far I've
sold 243 of an item that we've sold, like, two of. So what gives? How
can PT be reporting these totals so wrong?
I'm no accountant, just the slob who owns and runs this little business
so it's quite possible that I've had my chart of accounts screwed up all
along (I've been using PT for about 8 years and I did have pro help
setting up my chart, etc.) or could I be entering inventory specs
incorrectly? All my external indicators work: bank balance, etc. and my
Schedule C looks right so I'm not too far up the creek but it'd nice to
trust these inventory figures. Any (more) thoughts? I thank you again
for your help.
PCA 2004, Win XP
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Ron Hock
This group is a great resource but for some reason questions about inventory often go unanswered.
I'm no Peachtree expert but I have some experience using it with inventory. I have a couple of suggestions that might help you.
Click on Reports, Inventory, Inventory Unit Activity Report, click on the "Options" icon (near top of Unit Activity Report window) and verify that your report is set up for the current month and not a range of months.
Click on Maintain, Inventory Items, then the Item ID that is giving you the faulty information. Look for anything wrong, like unit/measure being more and ea. or more than one.
Double check your inventory unit activity report by looking at the "Items Sold to Customers Report". Click on Reports, Accounts Receivable, Items Sold to Customers. Compare the items sold to actual.
Hope this helps.
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