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I'm trying to customize a purchase order template in PT 2005. The fields look fine but the justification on quanity and item is not correct. The quanity seems to have right justification and item seems to have left justification. When you print something those two fields mix together making a mess. I've looked in the form design area but can only seem to adjust the alignment of the field titles.
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In a group object, you can't change the field justification, however, depending on your version:
a) If you're using 2006 or 2007, you can adjust the spacing by tweaking an option called Define Column Margins. This option adjusts ALL the group object columns.
b) Any version, you can take the Qty field and add a couple of spaces at the end of the nnn.nnn (or whatever format you have). That gives it a little breathing room before the next column begins
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Diane Koers

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