Print Barcodes w Eltron 2742 direct thermal (legacy)

When I upgraded to RMS 1.3 (from QuickSell2000) tech told me all would be wonderful. Now my old Eltron 2742 direct thermal does not print. Bought and returned Zebra TLP2844 because we could not get it to work. Tech left country but he had the old eltron (never the new zebra) printing barcodes through rms (I believe as a windows printer-not using rms printer wizard). Got the seagullscientific.com printer driver for Eltron and installed but does not solve problem. (Zebra people say they bought eltron and while they no longer support it, they told me the seagullscientific driver will make it work. After 2 techs, both Microsoft RMS tech support, it still doesn't work.
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Hi sbsinger.. If you installed the windows drivers for the eltron 2742... 1-go to the printer properties and print a test page to make sure windows sees ok 2-make sure the right stock size (paper size) is set in the printer properties 3-launch store ops manager, go to database - items - select an item and click on properties 4-click on labels on the bottom left, select one of the AVERY labels that are installed by default 5-follow the wizard until you get a preview of the label; if there are multiple printers in windows it may be defaulting to a printer other than the eltron, so use the "select printer" icon/button on the top left (I believe its the second from the left) to switch to your eltron and select the right paper size, click ok and finally click on the printer icon on top left of preview window then ok again to print the label 6-don't worry if it prints a label that is not centered or doesn't fit right....you're half way there.... 7-in store ops manager, go to wizard - label wizard 8-open one of the avery designs and just start playing with the different fields so you can understand how to use the label wizard to create and save your own design; don't worry about messing up the template, it can always be reinstalled from your RMS CD 9-once you have a rough idea of how to use the wizard, create a design and save it with a unique name (ie your store name) and save it in the LABELS directory of your RMS installation 10-what I like to do is create a new folder inside the LABELS directory called "other tags" where I will cut all the designs I won't use from the LABELS directory and paste them in the "other tags" directory, that way you only have to select one label design when you print labels... hope this helps....
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