Missing Report/Forms

We setup a new computer for someone in accounting. I loaded Peachtree
on there, and am able to load the companies from the server (We use a
sever/client architecture. The Peachtree files are mapped to P: on the
client.). I can see all company info, except custom forms. We haven't
changed anything on the server at all. Looking at the old machine, the
custom forms aren't on the old client at all. Since the old client
still works correctly, I don't believe I need to copy anything over
from the server that is missing.
On the server, the custom forms are where they should be, under the
company. All other users can see the custom forms. I can't imagine
what would be causing the problem. If we can load the company, then
all forms and data for that company should be visible automatically. I
haven't yet found an option for either telling Peachtree where the
forms directory is or for opening/importing forms one by one. Any help
will be greatly appreciated.
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