QUESTION regarding restoring old data

I have a question regarding restoring old data.
The previous controller of the company I work for did backups for peachtree at the end of the fiscal year, however, I would like to use the data from these backup to create a "new" company for those accounting years. For example, I would like to create a company called JCS 04-05 to have the data of closed years 04 and 05, so as to have access to reports from these previous years. (Currently I am in need of a GL for years that are not part of the current open years). Is there a way to do this?
Thank everyone for their help in advance.
:) dj
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Yes you can do this.
For PT versions 2003/4 and above, just do a File>>restore. Navigate to the appropriate backup file (ptb) and specify that you wan to create a NEW company. Then go into Maintain>> Company Information and change the company name to include the "04-05". Close and reopen PT and you will see the 2 companies.
BTW, for reports that allow you to specify an actual date range, your old data is still accessible as long as you did not run the Purge wizard. So depending on what you are looking for, you may not need to open the old data file.
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