Delete Old items & Catgories from store database

Could someone tell me if there is a way to totally remove old items from a
store database in a batch mode instead of deleting one by one? I am setting
up 3 new stores to open, I am creating each new store's database from an
existing store since all of our settings and receipt templates will be the
same at the new stores. Since the new stores will not carry most of the items
already in the database I would just like to delete the 90% the will not be
using and leave the 10% percent they will use. Any help doing this would be
appreciated. TIA!
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Hi Jett - here's some thoughts
You can use SQL commands to delete in batch mode but before going this route, I would try exporting your items from your existing store operations database to excel, deleting items there, (ie run an item quantity report then export to excel) then use a tool like the microsoft import utility (QSCIMPORT) which you can get from CustomerSource. If you don't have access to customersource, you may want to engage an RMS-certified partner to help you with this. If you give them the final import spreadsheet, its not even an hour's worth of labor to create your new databases.
Hope this helps -
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