I have been working with Microsoft for the past 2 months and so far have not
come up with a solution for this problem. The situation is as follows?
Someone purchases $100 worth of merchandise and presents a $25 credit card
gift card. Please keep in mind, that these gift cards look and act just like
regular credit cards, so there is no way for any software to distinguish
between these cards and a regular credit card. RMS sends a message for
approval to PC Charge, which then sends a message to Nova Credit Card
processor. Nova returns an approval for $25, which then tells PC Charge. PC
Charge now, apparently sends back an approval for the $25, but RMS just sees
the approval, and approves the entire order. This means that people can
present a $25 gift card and walk out with $100,000 worth of merchandise!!
RMS is telling me that Nova and PC Charge should not approve the
transaction. They are saying that it should act just like a credit card that
does not have enough credit for the entire purchase, where the entire
transaction is denied. Nova and PC Charge are saying that it should not be
the same as a credit card whose credit limit has reached the maximum. They
are saying that it should approve the $25 and prompt the customer to pay the
All I know is that I went into Macys the other day and purchased something
for $60, and presented a $25 credit card gift card. They took it and told me
that I still owe a balance of $35. It seems that they were not using RMS!
Microsoft tells me that their own processor, Vital, will deny the whole
transaction, if it exceeds the amount of the card. Unfortunately, Nova does
not do that, and I have no way to prevent a disaster from happening.
I?m sure I am not the only one with this problem ? is it that people just
don't realize that this is happening, or is it that nobody is using RMS with
PCCharge and Nova ??
Thanks in advance for your response!
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Unfortunately, it sounds to me like to answer is to switch to a VITAL processor and ditch PC Charge and Nova - kill 2 birds with one stone.
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I was using PC-Charge for a while, but found they seemed to go out of their way to NOT be helpful. We now use VITAL, too. I don't know if that would solve your problem or not.
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We have the same configuration (using RMS 1.2). We have not tested this scenario, but we have had gift card customers tell us they have a certain balance on their gift card. When we processed transactions exceeding the level of the balance they claimed to have, the card was declined. This has happened on multiple occassions.
We are using PCCharge 5.7.1.
Let us know if you can confirm this problem and if you have any suggestions.
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