runtime error 380

I'm Getting "runtime error 380 invalid property value" when I go to Label
Designer and try to open a new or an existing label file.
Any ideas???
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Hi Sachafav. If you open a template in Manager, Utilities, Label Designer and receive "Runtime error 380, Invalid property value", this indicates the required TrueType font is not accessible on your system. To verify TrueType fonts are accessible on your PC, open MS Word and select Format, Font. Look for fonts like Arial and Eurostile. If the TrueType fonts are installed but not visible, this means the default printer driver assigned in Windows does not support TrueType fonts. Add another printer driver (even if the printer does not exist) and assign that driver as your default Windows printer.
Second: YOu need to tell me which RMS Version and SP you are using?? or do you installed visual studio in your system.
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Akber Alwani

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