Which Credit Card Processing Software to USE?

I want to integrate my credit card processign into the MS POS (as opposed to
using a seperate aauthorization system). Do you recommend such a move? Also,
there are several software products to choose from. PC Charge seem to be the
most popular, but a quick serach revealed a whole bunch of problems pleople
are having with its integration into the MS POS (specially with the new
version of PC Charge). Is IC Veryfiy any better? (that is, is it less
problematic and do hey provide better customer suppport)?
Thank you very much!
P.S. Since I use a payment processor other than Chase, I think I cannot use
the pre-built functionality in MS POS (am I right?).
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Are you using MS-POS or MS-RMS
If your using MSPOS your processor needs to operate on either a Tsys Platform or FDS. Also I dont believe POS will allow PCCharge or ICTerrify but this is an option in RMS but would still stay away from either. I would go with TPI if using RMS.
I would stay away from either PCCharge or ICTerrify. If you use debit as debit on a pinpad both of these are going to cause you problems.
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Are you sure that none of these software works with MS POS. I have MS POS and not MS RMS. Please advise!
Thank you,
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I can find nothing that allows you to use any 3rd party credit card processing software with MSPOS. If you want to integrate your processing into your POS I can provide you with some contacts of processors that do work directly into MSPOS and RMS without any third party add ons. Drop me an email and I will provide you the info
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