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When I tried to have QuickBooks Enterprise 2007 complete my 941 for this quarter (i.e. quarter ending 9/30/2006 after selecting Process Payroll Forms), it's filling out a 2005 941 form.
Previous quarters were done using Enterprise 2006, and it properly used the 2006 941 form.
Is there some way to reset this? I've looked at all the Preferences, but nothing jumped out at me. Help!
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Larry Stinson
In my previous post, I meant to say I am now using Enterprise 2006 (which
uses the old 2005 941). I was previously using Enterprise 2005 (which used
the correct 2006 941).
Sorry for the confusion.
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Larry Stinson
I'm pretty sure the only time the 941 form gets updated is when you download a payroll update. The 941 that ships with QB is the current one at time of release. So for QB 2005 that would be 941 2004 tax year, and for QB 2006 that would be 941 2005 tax year (since Intuit releases QB in the 4th quarter of the year prior to the named year).
I suspect you did a one-time update in QB 2005 after the 2006 tax year tables were released by Intuit, which would give you the 2006 941; and that you haven't done an update with QB 2006, or somehow did one last year before the 2006 tax table update was made available (about 12/15/2005).
Confused? ;)
Regardless, I think it has been posted here often that the IRS isn't all that picky about the form year as long as the format hasn't changed substantially, and that you can just cross-out "2005" and write-in "2006". Maybe one of the CPAs here can confirm my recollection...
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Just do the one time tax update which is free and use the correct form. If not, down load the correct PDF form and fill it out.
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Allan Martin
As a QuickBooks Payroll subscriber, you'll automatically receive the updated forms from Intuit when they're published in December. The update will be part of a regular payroll update.
You must be subscribed to QuickBooks Standard or Enhanced Payroll to receive updates to forms.
Thanks for your question! Amy
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