Copying Full Checks & Details To Another New Check Transaction

Using QuickBooks 2007 Premier Professional.
like to know if there is a way of copying a full check & its' details
to another new check transaction & then just change the date & check
Thank You In Advance Jim B
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You can cut & paste regular checks, that is, not liability payments, bill payments, paychecks, etc.
- Select the Check in the register. - Press CTRL+O (or select Copy Check from Edit menu). - Press CTRL+V (or right-Click in the bottom empty transaction in the register and select Paste Check from the pop-up menu). - A duplicate check will be created with the same date, but with the next available check number.
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If this is something you want to do frequently, which is the case for most QB users then under general preferences set automatically remember account or transansactions information to on.
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Haskel LaPort
Just wanted to thank all whom responded & though I knew about the preference switch "automatically recall ", I did not know about the other options discussed & will review & implement for next time....! Thank You Again All!
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General hint -- try right-click on most anything in QB; never know what you might find!!! :)
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