Direct Deposit using our bank's DD service

We have QB 2007 Pro and Standard Payroll Service. I want to start
doing Payroll Direct Deposit, but I want to process it thru our bank
rather than thru QB, for the simple reason that it is MUCH cheaper
thru our bank.
Assuming that I can do DD thru our bank and not QB's DD service, how
do I set up each employee's bank information in QB?
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Paula ;)
You wouldn't. You would be initiating the direct deposits through your bank.
I suppose you could still issue DD checks while having QB as your payroll provider, so long as you currently print your own paychecks. My guess is that you would edit each QB generated paycheck where the employee wanted direct deposit, to show as already printed, with a dummy check number - like 'DD' for direct deposit.
After each payroll run, you would edit the checks for those who want direct deposit (to show as not to be printed), print the checks for those employees not getting direct deposit, and submit information to your bank for the net amounts of the checks to be directly deposited.
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L wrote:
That somewhat of a jerk Allan was right. Her bank should make the process simple each payday and she doesn't really need to buy pricey software like EZDD. Oh, and DD does sound better than EFT, so as not to get that EFT confused with other EFTs, though most people have a zero balance account just for payroll.
I thought direct deposits were straight forward enough, it was calculating withholdings for the various tax entities using just a spreadsheet rather than Intuit's assisted payroll that I find troubling. I work in California, is it just us, or does every state seem to make you do a lot work, including non-bookkeeping stuff, on its behalf?
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Marinus van der Lubbe
It was L not Allan that made the silly post above. If you want direct deposit then you use the feature built into QB. Nothing will come close to what Intuit has to offer. Sure it costs but then what doesn't? Why do people forget the number one reason for using software? It's to save time. Time is money.
Her bank should make the
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Allan Martin
Allan, I hate to say it, but you're absolutely right. I found out this morning that in order to do this, I'll have to enter net payroll into an Excel worksheet and transmit that via the bank's website. Simple as it sounds, over a years time, it costs my employer to have me to do the manual entries, PLUS the risk of human error. I'm not liking this.
I guess I thought this was going to be an "automatic" thing, like instead of clicking the "Print" button to print paychecks, I'd click the "Send" button to transmit my payroll, so to speak. Not sure if QB even makes it that simple, but a girl can certainly dream.
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Paula ;)
Here's my thought. I'd love to know if anyone sees any roadblocks. I am using my bank's direct deposit service and purchased the EZDD software ($300 is not much for a one-time fee that will prevent me from having to retype anything to submit my payroll to the the way, my payroll is over 100). I will then activate QB's direct deposit (which costs nothing unless you submit) and then use all of the steps except submitting my payroll to QB for direct deposit. From my research (and there's not much out there on this topic) I think I will get an annoying message that says "you have paychecks to send" every time I open QB, but I think I can just ignore it. I haven't actually done this yet so I'm not completely sure it will happen just as I'm hoping.
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Do you earn commissions selling QB direct deposit? I'm looking for some real feedback with specifics I should watch out for if anyone has any experience with this. Surely the system can be "tricked" or EZDD would not have a market for its product.
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