Import Excel Transactions

I have been tracking my transactions in Excel. Supposedly I can import
these to QB, but none of the info I can find really helps me get it done. I
have 3 more years of data to enter to get caught up. Any resources or info
on doing this? Thanks.
Mike D.
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Michael Dobony
Quickbooks does not support importing of transactions. You will need a third party application to do this.
Take a look at this website for several suggestions
formatting link
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Michael Dobony wrote in news:1k73lehpo3h8h.4slhz2iqaizq$.
In my QuickBooks 2009 Non-Profit Premier Edition, I can import an IIF file (basically a rigourously formatted tab-separated-values file with a filename like "aug_trans.iff") or an Excel file. I've never imported an Excel file, but the option exists on my Main Menu bar. (I would assume the Excel file would be equally rigourous in its formatting.)
My only uses for the IIF file was to import the daily "Sales Orders" and customers of those transactions from my eCommerce store, but I learned that a wide variety of transaction types can be imported.
On the other hand, I do not know if QuickBooks Pro can import IIF (anymore).
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Brian Smither
QB still allows for importing of IIF files. The excel import option that you are seeing is for lists only.
I have used IIF files to import credit card and bank transactions without any problems. Any transaction related to A/R or A/P need to be manually applied to the invoice/bill that the payment is related to.
I also have imported invoices but will never do that again. One problem with IIF files is that you can introduce file corruption. Every invoice that I imported would crash the program if I tried to view the invoice.
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