Report modification for QB2004

I need to add lines on the equity account to display the number of shares authorized and number of shares issued.
Below is the example:
27000 - Common Stock - No Par Value 850 Shares Authorized; 100 shares issued
I am using QuickBooks 2004 Premier.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Anthony C. Dunn, CPA
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Anthony C. Dunn

1. Limiting yourself to QB only: Create one account, 27000 - Common Stock - No Par Value and a subaccount named "850 Shares Authorized; 100 shares issued".
2. Rationalizing: QB doesn't prepare full-disclosure GAAP reports anyway, so forget about this particular limitation.
3. Compromising: Put this and other disclosure in Notes that you prepare in Word or other software and attach to your QB report.
4. Exporting: Export your Balance Sheet to Excel and make whatever additions and changes you wish.
5. Investigate third-party reporting software.
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Pick up the 2005 Accountant's Edition which has full financial statment reporting capabilities or one of the third party financial statement writers for QB.
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Allan Martin

I've heard that, but I can find no such feature in the Canadian 2005 Premier Accountant edition, other than exporting to Excel.
"Allan Martin" wrote ...
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