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Support Expiration
I now use QB Pro 2005 + Payroll. Is this likely the last year Intuit will support it without upgrading to the 2008 version? About as likely as the setting sun. "PT": Here's some info for QB 2004. It's...
12 years ago 2
QB NAS Networking Queston
I was wondering about running QB on a NAS device with five users doing heavy data entry. Has anyone stored the QB data on a NAS as opposed to a MS server? Single user no problem, doubtful with 5...
12 years ago 1
is QB Pro 2002 a no go on Vista
From what I have read about QB 2004 on this group it would seem I haven't a hope in hell of getting 2002 working. can someone confirm this is the case? TIA Jon 2007 works just grand. Have you...
12 years ago 5
Misc Quickbooks Questions
I am in the construction business. Wondering if the following warrants using progress billing or normal billing. I take 50% before the job as a deposit and the remaining 50% at completion....
12 years ago 1
Direct Deposit using our bank's DD service
We have QB 2007 Pro and Standard Payroll Service. I want to start doing Payroll Direct Deposit, but I want to process it thru our bank rather than thru QB, for the simple reason that it is MUCH...
12 years ago 11
Partial payment of a Bill
How can I make a partial payment against an invoice (say where the invoice is 50K, 10K due now as deposit, 40K due in 6 months... same invoice number?) By reducing the amount of the check.
12 years ago 1
A/R Subaccounts for invididual vendors
I have one vendor that I have a cash (COD) account with. Each time I order from them, however, they charge me a deposit on pallets that I take. When I return them, they give me a credit on my account...
12 years ago
Deleting some QB information
I'm using Quickbooks Pro 2005 and about to sell this business. Is there a way to delete certain items namely the check register while leaving other items such as Customer List, Invoice copies etc. The...
12 years ago 1
"Ref" column not showing all of Ref field
In the column "Ref" in the Pay Bills screen, only part of my Ref data that is actually entered on the Bill itself (and visible there) shows up. Is there a way I can have it show more? If I widen the...
12 years ago 2
QB Pro Tax Table Version
I have just purchased QB Pro 2007/2008 and have noticed to my dismay that the tax table version is for 2006/2007. How do I go about getting the new version without having to pay for it as it really...
12 years ago 3
Odd Business Type
Hi, I'm relatively new to QB, and the type of "business" I have is a bit unique. Basically, it's a student government that has a lot of faculty associations underneath it. Once per year, we get a big...
12 years ago 10
Hi Techies, Just a quick question. I'm using QB 2007 pro. Is there a simple way to print envelopes? Not letters, just envelopes. In previous versions I've gone into the vendor center and copied the...
12 years ago 4
Making a partial payment on received items - How?
I have a PO with 2 line items. We received both items but we have only received a bill for one of the 2 line items. The item receipt shows fully received, items are in inventory. How can I pay for the...
12 years ago 2
Credit card charges as "bill payments"
I want to be sure I am doing this correctly.... 1) I have a bill for AAA Blueprinting for $10 that I have entered into QB 2007 2) I "pay the bill" with a credit card, and mark it as such, so that that...
12 years ago 1
report on an "Account"
This seems like it would be easy, but I'm an amateur and the books I'm working with have changed data entry methods about 2 months ago... How I can run a report (with total $ figure on the bottom) on...
12 years ago 1