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Loan payoff (long term liability)
I just paid off a bank loan early. I wrote a check the same as I did every month for my regular payments, only this time it was for the full amount remaining. However, this was not the full amount...
13 years ago 13
Check Card Purchases
How do you post check card purcheses and have them come off of your bank balance? Jere My business VISA drafts once a month from my checking account. Basically it's a debit card. I enter the...
13 years ago 2
auto entry memorized transaction question
I have a monthly bill entered in as a automatically entered transaction, each time QB puts it in my check book it assigns a check number to it. It should not have a number on it, how do I memorize it...
13 years ago 2
Back Up Settings not working
I have set it to keep a maximum of 3 back up files, howver it keeps creating more and more instead of writing over the oldest. What am I doing wrong? Thanks I forgotr to say that I am using QB Pro...
13 years ago 4
customer that is also a supplier
I have people that are both suppliers and customers. I've renamed them customerA and customerB. I often use invoices to part pay bills. How do I record this? Peter Contra accounts (the majority of the...
13 years ago 1
Strange issue with QuickReport for income account
I have a number of customers who are also vendors. It is our custom to issue credits (vendor and/or customer credits) for work done or goods received. In order to make this barter explicit, and to...
13 years ago 2
VAT posted in wrong currency
I buy goods from Europe to sell in the UK. I buy and sell in Euros and I was told (wrongly) that it wasn't possible to invoice somebody for VAT in Euros. Therefore if I sold them Euros10000 of goods I...
13 years ago 5
Creating Invoices from TS (or Estimate)
I've been using QB Pro 2006 for over a year (single user) for my one man company (Electrical Consultant). Up to now I use the Time Sheet hours I input to create my monthly Invoices (this works just...
13 years ago 2
Chart of Accounts Laundromat
Looking for a sample Chart of Accounts for a coin operated Laundromat. Anyone able to help? Google Thanks Allan, but I don't think you will get the black belt for that answer. I tried Google and was...
13 years ago 3
Is there a user group or forum for Turbotax?
Is there a user group or forum for Turbotax? TIA A web based forum hosted by Intuit is the only one I know of.
13 years ago 1
How can categorized items be associated with a credit card after the fact?
After paying a credit card bill by transferring funds directly from a bank account to the credit card company I now want to add the individual items associated with a credit card account so that the...
13 years ago 3
Small car dealer trying to keep books straight for tax reporting (help please)
I am a small car / motorcycle dealer that occasionally "passes through" vehicle sales so that the legitimate taxes and DMV fees are paid and the vehicle is licensed correctly. I need the forum's help...
13 years ago 10
G/L How to order by check numbers
QB 2006 pro If I create a set of checks all posted at different times, but dated the same day, they frequently appear in the G/L out of numerical sequence. This apparently has to do with the sequence...
13 years ago
Curious G/L display
I've been using QB 2006 Pro since 01/01/2006. If I pull up a display of the full GL from 01/01/06 to today, I get a complete display of all balance sheet account activity for the entire period as...
13 years ago 1
Does 5 User Edition Have "5 User" Silkscreened on Install CD?
We were sold a "5 user edition" of QB Premier 2007, which we received from the reseller today. I opened it up and nothing in the box says "5 user edition". The install CD itself also does not say "5...
13 years ago 13