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Quicken 2004 Deluxe.
I want to do a report to see portfolio performance for year to date and I want to exclude certain securities which I have done by unchecking them via "customize". This seems to work.
However, I am getting a report that doesn't reflect performance for year to date, but rather provides average annual return. Customization doesn't seem to provide this option.
What does average annual return mean?
And is there some way to get the report to just tell me year to date on the securities I've checked?
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From Quicken Help: Often called the internal rate of return (IRR), the average annual return is usually defined as a percentage equal to the interest rate on a bank account that would give you the same total return on your investment. It takes into account money earned by the investment (interest, dividends, capital gains distributions) as well as changes in share price. Because it is an annual rate, it acts like a bank interest rate that compounds annually. For example, if you invest $10,000 and get an average annual return of 12.0 percent over two years, you'll have $12,544 (an increase of $2544, or 25.4 percent) at the end of the two years.
Quicken displays the average annual return in the investment performance report and graph, in Portfolio columns, and in the Average Annual Return snapshot. A negative value indicates a loss, which can be either paper or real. If the return seems surprisingly high, it could be because you have set a short date range. Example
If a mutual fund lists its one-year average annual return as 20%, and you invest $100 in that fund, you'd have $120 by the end of the year.
If a mutual fund lists its three-year average annual return as 20%, and you invest $100 in that fund, you'd have $172.80 (an increase of $72.80 or 72.80%) at the end of three years:
Year Beginning balance Ending balance
1 $ 100.00 $ 120.00
2 $120.00 $144.00
3 $144.00 $172.80
I haven't attempted to verify the actual return values, but I believe the Investment Performance report does report on the period you select. If you choose different report date ranges, you will see the Average Annual Return percentage(s) change.
There are no other "return" values available in Quicken "Reports", but you can print anything you see on the Portfolio tab in the Investing Center, and the Portfolio tab can display several different return values. Check Quicken's Help for the definition of each of Quicken's return values. (Try the Glossary on the Portfolio tab menu.)
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