Balance sheet problem list stock no longer owned.

My latest balance sheet list a stock and amount I no
longer own. The year end balance sheet and the Jan
balance showed the stock listing with a zero balance
now the March balance shows $22,000 value. The stock
is not listed on my stock portfolio. Between January
and now I changed from Quicken 2002 to Quicken 2003.
Can you suggest a way I can correct this?
The details on the problem listed are as follows:
The stock That I no longer own Is Ameritech. When Amertech and SBC merged in
10/1999 I received SBC stock in place of my Ameritech stock. The proper
entries in Quicken 2002 were made to reflect this transaction and until I
switched from Quicken 2003 to Quicken 2003 the correct amount appeared on my
Balance sheet, that is zero value for Ameritech and the balance sheet date
amount for SBC.
Now the balance sheet reflects the correct amount for SBC and the original
purchase amount for Ameritech so my balance sheet is off by the Ameritech
I did a Quicken search for Ameritech and found the original purchase amount,
which is the amount on my current balance sheet. This record showed no
disposal of the shares.
I again state that when I look at my portfolio list Ameritech does not show
Hope you can help.
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