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CONFUSED about the 1-yr. membership. Am I correct that if I install it say April 20, that my membership lasts until 4/20/21? Will I always have the latest version via their upgrades. Also, can I install it on any number of machines ( I have 3 home computers)? Finally I will have a file of stocks/symbols. Can I still update them (ie: not go into my brokerage account; just update the stock prices/value as I do in Q Deluxe 2017?
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When purchase a Quicken subscription, the subscription is activated immediately for the Quicken ID used for the purchase. When we purchase the product from a retailer, we're provided with an activation code which is used to activate the subscription with the Quicken ID associated with the dta file. If a 1-yr subscription is activated on 4/20/2020, it will expires on 4/20/2021.
We have access to the latest updates.
We can install the Quicken on as many machines as we'd like.
While the subscription is active, we may download quotes and price history for securities by ticker symbol as we do for Quicken 2017.
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