Chase, Financial Management Software Fee

Chase tried to stick me with the 9.95 fee for Quicken DirectConnect
again. Thirty minutes and 5 levels of phone reps got it reversed (I'm
grandfathered from Bank One, which Chase bought out)
Anyway, I'm shaking in my boots fearing Chase will soon revoke my
grandfather clause and start charging me....
Anyone know of a bank offering DirectConnect for free? I'm willing to
keep some cash in a co-account if required. Hopefully not a trillion
tho'. ;-)
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"Homer.Simpson" wrote in news:Xns9E96CFE31F601nope@
Wells Fargo (aka Wachovia), if you're over 50. And I believe TD Bank if you maintain a minimum balance.
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Porter Smith
same boat - since prior to Bank One - First Chicago - just don't touch any NEW accounts for download...
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"Homer.Simpson" wrote in news:Xns9E96CFE31F601nope@
I have a home equity loan and a credit card connected to the checking account, and that makes Quicken fee-free ...
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Bank of America is free with a Wealth Management Account linked to Merrill. I think also Advantage Checking customers get it free also. There is a $5000.00 daily minimum to get free Checking in the Advantage account, but there is also tiered interes.
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Only if you are from Wachovia. I am over 50, and have a sizeable balance, but they would not give me free quicken access when I asked about it.
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Jim H
On 25 Feb 2011 03:01:50 GMT, Porter Smith wrote:
Only if you open the account through Wachovia, so do it before it's all Wells Fargo.
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My credit union does not direct connect to Quicken. Too many levels of security. I have to download a .qif file and import.
I have Wells for almost all of our accounts and am part of the PMA program. Even with all that no free connection.
I have not heard of a true free connection deal. With the state of the fees and bank revenue I can see this as going in the upward direction instead of downward.
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