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I tried entering a DRP share purchase (AU) via the "Reinvest Income" transaction.It lets me enter the income (Franked, UnFranked and Imputation Credit) figures OK, and I can enter the number of shares issued against any ONE of these three items (as the shares are "purhcases" using the total dividend payment), but, when I try to save the record, Quicken says that "you must enter a share amount" - apparently it expects some shares to have been bought with EACH of the three entered payment amounts.
How can I enter this type of transaction correctly? If I just split the purchase share quantities among the three payments amounts, the share lot avg prices will be incorrect, unless I do some fancy calculations to allocate fractional shares for each amount.
The only alternative would be to enter the dividend receipts, then do a share purchase as a separate transaction. This seems to defeat the purpose of the "reinvest income" transaction type.
Last time I used the Australian version of Quicken (1998) this sort of transaction was handled correctly, but the new version (2006) I recently started using doesn't seem properly customised for Australia - it has the terminology, but doesn't handle the transaction sensibly.
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