Import investment acct QIF to Q 2007 successful

I'm not sure if this has been posted, but I have just confirmed that using the workaround posted earlier (see below) does indeed work with Q 2007. I successfully imported a QIF
produced by John Hancock into a 401k account.
=== quote from previous John Pollard post (thanks!!) == How to Import QIF Files to Non-cash Accounts, post Q2004:
The following assumes you have downloaded a qif file for a single account from a financial institution, or have a qif file exported from a single account in a Quicken data fileset.
Open the qif file in Notepad and add the following four lines at the very beginning of the file:
!Account NMyAccount Txxxx ^
substituting the *exact* Quicken name of the account you want to import to for "MyAccount", and substituting from the following list for "xxxx"
1.) "Bank" for checking or savings accounts 2.) "CCard" for credit card accounts 3.) "Invst" for investment accounts
"Save" the qif file.
Then in Quicken:
File > Import > QIF file
Enter (or browse to) the name of your qif file in the "Location of QIF file" box.
Select the name of *any* "cash", "asset", or "liability" account in the "Quicken account to import to" box. (If you have no such account types, create one).
Click Next.
You should get a message saying "Transactions found for MyAccount. Import transactions into MyAccount?". Click Yes.
For investment accounts, you may not get the option to review the transactions or to match them to existing register transactions. They may all be imported as "New" transactions. This can be important if you manually enter transactions in those accounts before downloading the real-world transactions.
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