Investment Performance report issue in 401k account

My 401k mutual funds do not have ticker symbol. Each security has dollar amount value and do not have number of shares. In the quarterly statement I received, It has beginning balance, contribution, earning, and ending balance for each security. If I click "Update 401(k) Holdings" button to update my statement, the entries Added (shares) or Removed (shares) will add to 401k account to update the balance.
With the "Update 401(k) Holdings" wizard to update the balance, there is no problem in Investment Performance report for this account. But if I enter Added (shares) manually, then there is a problem in Investment Performance report: The report shows the Added dollar amount into this account (amount transfers into this account)!
Is there a way that I can prevent the Added dollar amount as a transfer into this account in the Investment Performance report? I likely will have to do this manual edit because my earlier data entry are incorrect, I use ReinvDiv to add the earning dollar. With ReinvDiv is OK for the correct balance, but has incorrect Cost Basis.
If anyone knows how to prevent the Added entry to show up in the Investment Performance report, please help.
Currently I am using Quicken version 2004.
Thanks in advances.
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