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Windows 7 64x running Q17 H&N R15.13. Investing>Portfolio screen
display advances one line per thirty seconds as long as the mouse
pointer is in the confines of the screen. Move it out and it appears
to stop screen.
Thinking it might be the mouse driver but has happened only since the
lase update. Anybody have the same or simular problem??
R. Wink
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I have the same setup and mine works fine even after the latest updates for Win7.
Since it only advances when the mouse is within the window with focus, it does sound like it's mouse related. Wired or wireless? Clean it, fresh battery check for updated mouse driver. Go to Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices > right-click on the entry in the tree for the mouse driver and select Update....
Quicken tech support will tell you to reload Quicken but there are other things you can look at first. For instance, did this happen after a recent MS update? If so, go into the Control Panel select Windows Updates > Update History and click on the underlined text "Installed Updates" and then right-click on the updates you suspect (the latest) and uninstall. Reboot and test.
If that doesn't work you can look in the Windows Event Viewer > Administrative Events (and others) to see if there are any clues. Have you been noticing any problems with other programs. BSOD's, hardware related issues? Did you install a graphics driver recently or any other hardware? Look in the Device Manager for any driver issues that may be keeping things busy in the background.
Open Task Manager (Cntrl-Alt-Del) and see what processes are hogging the system when Quicken is running and not running. If you are experiencing slowdowns when opening other large files, I'd be looking at the hard drive. Could be bad sectors or did you happen to catch it while it's being defragged in the background.
Any downloads going on in the background, any sharing of your drives for streaming video or game use?
As you can see - lots of choices.
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