Quicken doesn't 'recall' the last file opened.

Quicken 2018, latest version.
I use BoxCryptor and Google Drive File Stream -
Box Cryptor encrypts folders and creates a virtual drive - X:\ - that
you then add folders to and they can be encrypted on the fly. For
Example, if I add C:\Fodler to boxcryptor, it could become X:\Folder
(and all subfolders. I could then encrypt C:\folder\Financial - in
C:\Folder, the encrypted files would be unreaable with a different
extension, but in X:\Fodler, they're automatically decrypted on the
Google File Stream: My files backed up to Google Drive - File Stream
basically gives you immediate access to them without having them
locally. The files appear as a online drive, when you 'access' a file,
it's downloaded and read / kept in memory (my guess - I think it's
also cached).
So I have my quicken data file on Drive File Stream. Sometimes when I
launch Quicken, it acts as if I don't have a file open -ie "Welcome!
Please create a new file, or open an existing file). If I open the
file on X:\File Stream , it opens. And I think it opens a few times
after that. But then some time later, it doesn't again.
Any ideas on what's causing this?
Thanks :)
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Evan Platt
Quicken is not designed to access its data files on network drives. I recommend always accessing your Quicken data files on a local drive to avoid a risk of a non-recoverable data file corruption. When the local data file is not open in Quicken, you may copy it to and from the network drive. Quicken can safely be used to backup and restore data files to and from network drives.
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On Thu, 21 Dec 2017 21:42:55 -0800, Sherlock wrote:
Well the advantage to using this is the data is backed up automatically and the quicken file is available on more than one computer. Just wish I could figure out why this isn't working. Hopefully there's an easy fix.
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Evan Platt
Accessing a file on a network drive does not mean the file is being backed up automatically.
The following link provides a users solution to sharing a Quicken data file using a network drive:
formatting link

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On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 10:57:49 -0800, Sherlock wrote:
Well technically it's not really a network drive. And it's backed up because - well, that's what Google File Stream does :-D
Thanks, but that looks like a lot of work. Hopefully I can figure this out so it's 'automatic'.
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Evan Platt
Well, technically, it really is a network drive and it is not backep up because that is not what Google File Stream does.
I suggest you learn how to automate your backups to a network drive before wasting any more time.
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