Stock merger tax consequences

Any pointers on how to treat the outcome of a merger?
I owned (long term) shares of GSF, which merged with Transocean (RIG),
resulting in shares of RIG plus some cash.
Can anyone offer pointers on how to treat the transaction from a tax
standpoint? How do I determine:
1) How much of the cash is capital gain?
2) What's my basis in the new stock?
(I really ought to have stayed on top of this, selling off the stock
before the transaction took place!)
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Not only pointers, but exact instructions.
You'll find them in the paperwork that you ignored during the merger process. In that paperwork you'll find the information about the tax treatment of the transaction for shareholders of both corporations.
If you can't find your copy, investor relations at the surviving company should be able to help.
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Phil Marti
You will receive information in the mail which details the tax treatment of the transaction. Since the transaction was only effective yesterday it is a little early to find that information. I checked the Transocean website and the announcement of the closing of the deal is there, but not the tax consequences.
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Bruce E. Cobern
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The tax consequences were laid out in the prospectus you received before the merger took place. It can be found at the Transocean website under SEC filings. You're looking for the DEFM14A filing of 10/03/07. This merger is a real can of worms. There is an unsettled question as to whether RIG reorganized or recapitalized immediately prior to the merger. The answer could affect your treatment of the transaction. Details can be found beginning on page 104 of the prospectus.
Ira Smilovitz
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Ira Smilovitz
Wow, thanks! That's much better than the "Duh, I dunno. Keep watching the website." I got from the drone at "Investor Relations" (subcontracted to Bank of NY, for some reason).
Now I'm REALLY sorry I didn't sell off the stock (or donate it to a charity) before the transaction took place. What a mess...
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