Tracking estimated tax payments?

Is there a way to check how much I have paid to-date in estimated
taxes? I went to and could not find any "My IRS" type of link.
How come this has not been setup?
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Mr. Nonsense
See thread "How to confirm ES tax payments" 2009/03/02 23:09
Your question and some brief discussion of your "how come" question are there.
To summarize that thread:
Individuals can make all Federal income tax payments, including ES payments, through
formatting link
for free.
Many states, such as MD and CA, have on-line systems, sometimes with the exact kind of information you're asking for (IOW, ahead of the IRS in providing this).
-Mark Bole
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Mark Bole
I could gjive you a faster more intellegent answer if you had told us how you pay your installments: check, wire transfer, cash, money order, bank draft, or maybe you have someone else do it for you. Most of these methods have a receipt attached you can tear off and keep in a safe place in case you want to total them..
You have come to depend on the U.S. Govenment too much. When I have this problem I look up my payments in my checking account check register. Most people enter each check in a register attached to their check-book, but I use Quicken for a check register. I balance it each month so any uncollected checks stand out like a sore thumb. If you use the check register a big check-mark would be your "sore thumb"for all checks cleared and a lack of a check mark would indicate the check hasn't cleared. If your check to the IRS has not cleared you should not count on it as their having received it, otherwise all the checks to the IRS with a check mark in the register can be totalled to determine how much you have paid in installments.
Usually this method (looking it up in your check register) is faster than an inquiry to the IRS. and probably considerably more accurate. If you are stil not able to determine your payments due to lack of the above record-keeping check-register, I suggest you establish a viable method to keep track of your payments. If you don't have a checking account, I suggest you get one.. Usually they are free and you will find one handy for other reasons, and the alternatives are rather costly.
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