Will a large refund trigger an audit?

We filed an extension for 2018 to the IRS. During the year we sent the IRS more money than we should have via the 1040ES and form 4868- extension to file taxes.
For 2018 based on our 1040 return, it appears that we should be getting an unusually large refund from the IRS relative to the year before. Almost double.
Will this trigger an audit?
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No. Audit triggers are based on the income and deductions shown on the return, not the amount of tax you prepaid or the refund generated. That said, if your refund is greater than $2M, it must be reviewed by the IRS and Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation before it is issued. I presume your refund isn't anywhere near that large.
Ira Smilovitz, EA
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ira smilovitz
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I was going to suggest that this sounds like the kind of thing that might be causing Trump's taxes always being audited.
But if it has to be reviewed by Congress, they would already have his tax returns, and wouldn't have to demand them specifically.
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Barry Margolin

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