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It's a significant wedding anniversary for us next Summer. We've ordered a hogroast at our local and want to buy all our guests their first drink. There's going to be other drinkers there, some of whom I know will take advantage if I open a tab for my friends and relatives. I don't really want to take all of them up to the bar when they arrive as I'll be circulating. Not all my guests will receive an invite, so I cant say "First drink on us with this invite". Any ideas how I can provide a drink only for my guests? TIA. |P
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One suggestion is to buy a book of raffle tickets, sign the back of each in a distinctive way, and hand one to each of your guests when the opportunity occurs. They can present the ticket at the bar behind which your tab is held, in exchange for a drink of their choice.
I've seen that work very well at a colleague's leaving 'do'.
If you want something more elegant, have a set of cards or notes printed with a suitable legend which the bar staff will recognise.
IMHO, it is a good idea to discreetly check on the extent of your responsibility during the course of the event. ;-)
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