Any UK bank which is well organised for outgoing foreign payments?

We currently use a terribly disorganised bank in Scotland which keeps losing foreign payment requests, and then when we chase them and send/fax them a new copy, a few days later they "find" the old one and the payment is then duplicated.
No amount of harrassing them does anything.
I recall HSBC being very good for foreign payments.
Basically we need a bank which allows foreign payments to be done online, where one would enter the IBAN etc on a secure website so they cannot "lose" it.
Any suggestions much appreciated...
It would be good if they were also a reasonably competent small business bank. No overdraft facilities are needed. The scottish bank gives us a free current account provided we keep £5k in there.
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cryptogram wrote
Does Lloyds offer a web interface for foreign payments?
We can't use paypal - it is almost unheard of in business, and the payments are often sizeable e.g. £20k.
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Postman Pat
What currency? Citibank Euro and US Dollar current accounts do that, though sometimes it's necessary to phone to confirm for security. They have other currency accounts too. Eurozone Euro transfers are free, think USD transfer to US are too. You pay a 3% exchange rate load to transfer GBP into one of these accounts... but that's common at most banks.
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Theo Markettos
Theo Markettos wrote
It's mostly US dollars or HK dollars.
The present bank (who I don't want to name because I have already been kicked out by Cater Allen after I posted in Usenet denigrating the Spanish gorillas running them) can accept transfer instructions only by fax, or by mail but they pretend those are ignored (but they do process them) and they often 'lose them' for a week or so, and when we chase them and give them the details again, the result is two payments are made.
It's really stupid, and logically there is no way to safeguard against this, other than some online real time payment facility.
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Postman Pat

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