Are the card readers that the ticket inspectors use real time?

I've noticed that the reciept I get when I pay with my card on trains
now has a Terminal and Merchant number printed on it and what could
possibly be an AUTH code. Are these handheld ticket printers/card
readers now real time? I need to do a before an after test when I use
my card, I did an after test which showed my available balance was
roughly my real balance minus what I was charged for using my card but
this could be for other reasons...
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If it is an Avantix machine ( roughly similar to
formatting link
) then no, they are not real time. They merely capture card details for upload later. Even with chip and pin readers attached to them, all they are doing is recording the card data and checking the entered pin against what is encoded in the chip. I believe a system is used on airlines which does actually authorise cards real time, something to combat fraud I assume. Sometimes the railways have obvioulsy thought about so many mobile ticket terminals will soon require chip and pin card holders to enter their pin number only.
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Chiltern Railways now accept Electron, Solo and non-UK Maestro at their tickets offices. I don't know if any other TOCs do yet.
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God knows but anything must be an improvement on the previous systems they used, I have previously waited weeks for train tickets to be debited from my account, the worst had to be a new touchscreen auto ticket machine operated by WAGN which took a month and a half to appear.
Mind you roll on Chip and Pin for these mobile on-train terminal, I got fed up of Arriva Trains Northern staff telling me that my signiture didn't agree with that on my card due the appaling ride quality, on several occasions I ended up giving them my photcard driving licence and telling them to compare the the signure on the card with that on the liecence and the photo with me and then to go and get stuffed.
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occasions I
Most the guys that take my card don't even check the signature, they even give me the card back before asking to sign. I haven't had the guts to sign as Mick E. Mouse yet though.
I wouldn't mind them taking months to take money from my account, at least I'd be earning a few pence interest.
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