Bonds from Big60million solar farms

Advertised in Sunday newspapers, incl Mail on Sunday. Belongs to Willersley Solar Farms
Paying 7%, duration 5 years, available for SIPP (very tempting). But only looking to raise £4 mill in £60 bonds (seems very small) Kicker for me is "non-transferrable" (why not ???)
Any comments please.
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What are the chances of:
Them getting into difficulties and not paying the interest? Them getting into difficulties and not paying back any of the investment?
You have scrutinised their accounts I assume? There's no protection if they do go under.
These are nothing whatsoever like 'bonds' that building societies advertise - I do wish building societies wouldn't call them that.
There's no secondary market. Though I don't know why you aren't able to re-register them to someone if you found a buyer yourself.
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Theo Markettos

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