Charitable donations.

I run an organisation that seeks to protect Public Rights of Way where I
live. I have recently received a 1K donation from a charitable organisation
"O2 It's Your Community" and I want to use what I believe is known as
matched funding. I am new to begging so can anybody give me any ideas how to
take advantage of the donation I have already received please?
John Hunt
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John Hunt
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I work for a charity - but have very little involvement with fund-raising. My understanding of matched funding is that a donor will give you 1000 on the understanding that you must raise the same yourself. (match it) So it doesn't open any doors to magically doubling your money- instead it makes you work for it!
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Thanks Neb, at least I know where I stand now. The donation was without conditions so I don't have extra work to do. Is there any other advantage to having received a previous donation I could use? John Hunt
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John Hunt

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