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I have seen it stated in uk.rec.cycling moderated:
"Pretty much every household insurance policy
offered for sale in the UK covers third party insurance for all cycle
accidents of any member of the household. I'd challenge you to find
any that does not."
Is that really true - and how would one find out?
I suspect it is wishful thinking - but it would be useful to know if
it is true.
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Most household insurance policies provide Public Liability insurance which include things which happen both on and away from the insured premises - but they usually have exclusions (motor vehicle related incidents, for example) so you'd need to read the small print to see whether cycling incidents were covered.
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Roger Mills
In message , JMS writes
There are cyclists, then there are "people on bikes".
I wouldn't want to insure most of the "people on bikes" I see every day darting on and off pavements and ignoring traffic signals, no lights after dark, etc.
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Gordon H
Yes, home insurance does tend to cover a lot of stuff you might not expect, such as loss of stuff when on holiday etc.
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Andy Pandy
True - but you usually have to pay an additional premium for (optional) All Risks cover - which covers your valuables when away from the premises - whereas Public Liability cover tends to be provided as standard.
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Roger Mills
Usually under contents insurance it will cover occupiers and personal liability which will cover insured and members of family (usually defined in the 'meaning of words')for death, injury or damage to property. It would cover you if eg as a pedestrian you act negligently and cause a road accident; similarly it does not usually specifically exclude use of bicycles and in these circumstance would indemnify you for third party liability.
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Toom Tabard

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