Direct Debit Authorisation and Rukes

I have moved a DD from one bank to another
In the process , something has gone wrong and the new DD not set up.
I sent a cheque for 78.56 to the compnay with a new DD form. This letter went missing . I stopped the cheque and resent a new DD with a written instruction to take this 78.56 with the first DD.
The first DD on this new form came out on 27th April for 111.76 which constituted the 78.56 plus the next months DD.
On friday , the compnay then took a further DD for 78.56. Upon contact , this was to cover a stopped cheque. I am now 78.56 in credit with this company.
Should I be able to recall this money as it was taken from me without my knowledge or advise. They seem to think not , as it is in my terms that any payments will be credited to my account and the credit agreement ended if sufficent funds are in my account with them.
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John Rogerlot

My understanding is that you should have set up a new DD at the new bank (preferably just after a scheduled payment date), cancelled the old direct debit, and notified the company of the new direct debit details. That _should_ have gone smoothly, but if it didn't, there is always the direct debit guarantee to fall back on:
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It also pays to keep copies of all correspondence sent as well as received, in case it all goes pear shaped.
It was a mistake to send a cheque with the direct debit form though. Direct debits replace cheques, and it is not surprising that you ended up paying twice. The computer probably wasn't programmed to handle this as the cheque would have been received before the DD was set up (therefore wasn't associated with it).
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Without a hint of irony, "BrianW" astounded on 16 May 2004 by announcing:
How does one set up a Direct Debit directly with the bank?
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OK try again. Cancel the direct debit with the original bank (preferably just after a scheduled payment date), and immediately notify the company and request that they set up a new DD with the new bank.
I was confusing DDs with standing orders. Apologies.
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