Employment agency / Payroll company

When employed by an agency, I work as a Ltd Co contractor (rather than as a
PAYE contractor). I then use the services of a payroll company to manage my
expenses and deductions.
However, when I applied for a temporay position advertised recently,
an agency told me my employment was conditional on using their payroll
company, not my own.
Is it legal for an agency to impose these terms - ie. pending a job offer,
demand that I contract with another party in addition to themselves?
I can't afford to turn away work, but the potential for abuse here is such
that I've had to and hope this is an isolated case.
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John Burke
Not if the payroll company makes a charge to you, no.
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A payroll company doesn't work for free.
I think I'll continue this matter with their advertiser then.
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John Burke
If it doesn't work like that and you have to pay them for the payroll services which they insist you take up then they are breaking the law.
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