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i want to invest in a mutual fund that has had excellent performance over the last 10 years. is there somewhere i can compare funds?
if I find the one i want can I buy online or do i have to go to an IFA, can any IFA fix me up with ANY fund or is it possible some IFA's might not deal with the fund I want?
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Terry Newman
I don't know what you mean by mutual fund, but have a look at e.g. Fidelity Fundsnetwork, and Hargreaves Lansdown -
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and see if funds are there. If so, you can also look at performance history for these and others in the same sector. If you don't need independent advice, then it is much cheaper to buy, sell, trade online with sites like these. You can buy online with a debit card.
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Toom Tabard
Bitstring , from the wonderful person Terry Newman said
Trustnet has lots of history for most funds. Or you can get the free trial version of sharescope gold, which lets you do more interesting things (but will lack the last 6-9 months daily data).
Of course the fund with the best performance over the last 10 years may well have the worst performance over the next 10 (it'll still come out 'average' over 20). Especially if the fund manager just changed or died or whatever..
google for hargreaves lansdown, they'll sell you any fund you might reasonably want, and rebate you some of the commission too. Online trading no problem, iffin you have a debit card you can probably do it tonight. 8>.
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GSV Three Minds in a Can

I like the research functions at bestinvest for past performance. Invest via Fidelity, you'll get discount on the initial charges and don't need to involve an IFA - so long as you are happy to accept the consequences of your own actions.
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Matt Robertson

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