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Hi I will shortly be needing money so I thought I would sell my 209 Halifax shares. Slight problem. I cannot find the share certificate. Is it not time for a dividend on the shares and since I get new shares instead of a cash dividend will I shortly be receiving a new share certificate? And if so when? Thanks Jackie
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If you got them because you had an account then you might well be holding them in their nominee service. In that case you won't have a certificate and can sell them on-line.
Do you get some some of statement ?
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Miss L. Toe

A telephone helpline is available on 0870 702 0102 providing a contact point for shareholders on issues such as dividends and announcements.
The Directors propose a final dividend of 24.35p per ordinary share to be paid on 15 May 2006 to shareholders on the register on 17 March 2006, subject to approval at the 2006 Annual General Meeting ('AGM').
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Miss L. Toe
You should get a new share certificate with the dividend, but it will only be for the new shares bought with the dividend - not the whole lot.
You can also get a replacement share certificate from the registrars on signing an indemnity, but there's usually a hefty fee involved.
However the last dividend was on 15 May - if you were going to get a certificate it ought to have arrived by now. Maybe they are in a nominee account as a previous poster suggested?
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