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Hi Mum-in law died, was lifetime beneficiary of income, but not capital (which passed to another upon her death) of will trust, administered by solicitors and stockbrokers.
Approx value of holdings 70k , comprising Brit Gov & foreign stocks/bonds, listed Comp's & inv trusts.
Question. Is her estate entitled to a proportional payment for that percentage of income of dividends/interest accrued before her death, but not declared until after.
eg Say death occurred 5 months after declaration of a preceding dividend of a particular investment (1 month before the next dividend declaration was due, on a 6 month dividend cycle) is her estate due five sixths of the value of that dividend when it is declared?.
Trust solicitors say no, death ceases all benefits even if dividend declared one day after death . Any advice would be a real help. John
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I think the Trust solictors are probably right. On death the ownership of the shares is transferred, just as if the shares had been sold. So the crucial date is the ex-dividend date - before this the dividend goes to the old owner and after this it goes to the new owner. Declaration of a dividend is (I think) irrelevant.
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No. The sale price of the shares will reflect the unpaid portion of the dividend that the new buyer is going to get - share prices go down immediately after the cut-off point for receiving the dividend.
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Jonathan Bryce

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