Shrinking economy...

The economy shrank by 0.2% in the last quarter. According to some expert on radio 4 a substantial part of this shrinkage is due to lower energy prodution, due to the warm weather, ie we're not putting the heating on so often. As there is now panic about a possible recession due to this all-important number, surely such random elements as weather should be somehow stripped out of it. Otherwise the solution is to make people spend more on fuel. How about grants to remove double glazing and replace by single panes, spreading rumours about the carcinogous effects of cavity wall insulation, and also that there is asbestos in loft insulation. Also, reduce duty on SUVs and other "gas guzzlers". Ignore useless low energy bulbs, they save practically no energy overall anyway.
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Tiddy Ogg
Never really understood 'GDP'. Like centre heating, it includes unproductive activity like hairdressing and buying foreign cars that would be better ignored.
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