Taking card payments in the field

A friend of mine is a self employed service engineer running a small business.
He already takes credit/debit cards in the workshop but out on the Road he was prviousley taken cash or a guranteed cheque, however now with the end of the gurantee scheme the only guranteed payment at the monent seems to be cash.
I was looking at some of these Andriod aps which allow you to take payment using the app, I wondered if anybody had any experiance of these and any pitfalls.
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Might be worth chatting up one or two local mini-cab firms, or home-delivered-meals to find out how they cope...?
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Dunno, but a lot of market traders use credit card machines - connected using mobile phone technology of some sort. Have a wander round an outdoor market, and chat up a few traders.
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Roger Mills

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