VAT forums?

but there might be a good forum that helps with your particular industry if you can give us a clue as to the problem

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Many thanks for your reply.
The issue is with a commercial property and making VATable supplies.
The supply is part occupied and well short of the market rent. Currently the occupier, for simplicity the occupier (also VAT registered) is paying the business rates.
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This group ought to able to help, if it were alive, but UK.L.M sometimes deals with VAT questions. VAT liability is more of a legal question than an accountancy question.
Can you clarify your last post? I presume you meant that the property is part-occupied, that both the landlord and the occupier (tenant?) are VAT-registered and that the occupier is paying the business rates. So what's the question? You might want to re-state it in UK.L.M.
Email me, if you like.
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