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Useing house as collatteral
Probably stupid question. We have house valued 450 - 475,000 owne outright. Can we use this equity to buy another property? we are 4 semi retired, only earning around 12,000pa. What route do we t...
13 years ago 7
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13 years ago
Starting a new company advice?
Hey all, I have been considering starting my own company specialising in engineering optimisation and stock investments. A wierd combination, but it happens to be the two things I have a knack for...
13 years ago 39
SINGAPORE PRIVATE CONDO / APT FOR SALE / Singapore New Upcoming Residential Projects
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13 years ago
Yahoo finance help
They've gone and changed their damn site again. I used to sign in, then could go straight to a link on the next page to display my portfolio, identified by the name I'd given it. Now the only link...
13 years ago 6
Selling/Auctioning Endowment
Wondered if anyone's sold/auctioned their endowment policy recently and which companies are worth trying for the best price. Thanks a lot. Ed.
13 years ago 2
submitting abbreviated accounts
hi, anyone have any advice on submitting abbreviated accounts? what do I need to send to Companies House? I have produced a balance sheet and profit and loss sheet for the year in question, do I...
13 years ago 15
Free credit report
I followed the motley fool advice for the free credit report service from 'Garlik' The report comes up online once you complete the registration (which includes a [posted to you] access code) T...
13 years ago 1
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13 years ago 1
Data security for banks and financial institutions
How can I be sure (in UK) that all my financial data is safely and securely backed up. Money, these days, is just an entry on a database, and I remember a time when EMP was the flavour of the month...
13 years ago 14
Another Phisher - This one's an American ....
American Fuckwit trying to Phish the UK's Co-Operative Bank!! =================================================================== Valued Customer, You have been selected by the Cooperative bank o...
13 years ago 3
'The' rock and a 'the' hard place
Short story Bought a PVR (150) from TribalUK using a Co-op Debit card 6 months later closed the Co-op account (moved to First Direct) - 3 months later PVR packed up & i returned it = TribalUK c...
13 years ago 33
Re: numberplate recognition cameras
Are you still driving your son's blue BMW (which is not itself insured according to the Insurance database) on the insurance for your red N reg Rover. I hope there's no-one here who works for...
13 years ago 1
Sale of second home
My brother and I jointly own a second home, which we are thinking of selling. We acquired it 20 years ago, and there is a large capital gain. Assume that we have both used our CGT allowances for t...
13 years ago 3
Starting a pension - advice please!
I am 28 years old and I am a mature student and I shall be starting a career in Investment Banking in two and half years time. I want to start a private pension plan now. I am not receiving salary...
13 years ago 34