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Could anyone please tell me where I should send my self-assessment tax return form to? In previous years I received the form from HMRC's Cardiff office (with its return address already printed), but this year I'm having to print my own form. Should I send it to the same Cardiff address, or to their self-assessment correspondence address at BX9 1AS? I can't find a definite answer on their website, and trying to call their helpline ended with being put on a queue (gave up after a while).
Thanks in advance!
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Hello, I am having an issue to tell DHL what city BX9 1AS is as google maps do not locate it properly.
Does anyone know what city is that?
Thank you
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"Courier deliveries to HMRC: PO Box and BX postcodes
Use this address if you?re a courier delivering post to a HMRC address with a PO box or BX postcode.
HM Revenue and Customs Benton Park View Newcastle Upon Tyne NE98 1ZZ "
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Peter Parry
Please can someone tell me the correct address to send my self assessment tax return? I'm really struggling to find the right one Many thanks
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Presumably you're submitting a paper return. If so, I guess it will be the address on your Notice of Coding . [Presumably, you will have received one during the past year.]
But take my advice, and do it online. It's easy, and you get up to the end of January to do it.
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Ian Jackson

though, unless things have changed, it will take about a month for your online account to be set up
do it now!

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Also there are still some things that you can't do online. The last time I had to go to paper was because of tax on an inheritance.
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David Woolley
Why do HMRC try and make things so difficult for the taxpayer are they deli berately setting out their stall to prevent the taxpayer submitting their t ax form on time so they can issue out penalties, why not simply put the ret urn address of the self assessment letter or even on their website in answe r to a straight forward question "where do I post my self assessment". Trie d to do online from Malaysia and keep coming up with obstacles, and now the y don't even give you the correct return address.
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If the HMRC omit to inform you of the return address, I suggest sending your return by registered post to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 11 Downing Street. Let your MP know what you have done and your reasons.
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