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Who Wants To Be A CEO?
Play Who Wants To Be A CEO? - a new online game for business champions. You could win A$1,000 cash! Test your management skill and business knowledge - play at
13 years ago 1
Selling a business
Hi I am selling my guesthouse and am trying to work out CGT. I understand the basics of working it out. My question is when working out the gain which figure do I use. Is it the raw sale figur...
13 years ago 2
Merry 'King Christmas ........
"On the first day of Christmas, my central banker gave to me A post-housing bust economy. On the second day of Christmas, my central banker gave to me Two million insolvent households, In a pos...
13 years ago
How do I get a national insurance number?
I was born in the UK I have a British Passport. I am a British Citizen. How on earth do I get a National Insurance number? I moved abroad when I was a baby (4 months old). Do I just walk into...
13 years ago 36
Cash machine charges: whats the real cost to the bank?
Does anyone know the real cost of maintaining a cash machine? I seem to recall reading it worked out as something pitiful like 20p per withdrawl? Right now we seem to have a binary pricing stru...
13 years ago 3
Speed of premium bond cashing
NS and I are really fast at refunding bonds, I sent them last Friday, so they would have received Monday morning, the money is in my account today (Wednesday). That is how things should be. By ...
13 years ago 1
Two part-time jobs and the IR
Hello I've applied for two part-time jobs and I'm actually having interviews for both of them very soon. There is a small chance, if I'm very lucky, that I would be offered both. Each of the...
13 years ago 11
looking foer employment
I am an accounting student looking for employment as parttime worker during school time and full time employee during vacation. I live in Bedford. email:
13 years ago 2
Euro savings account with interest
Can anyone recommend a Euro savings account with a major bank in the UK, that is hassle-free with no fees, and pays a decent rate of interest (>2%)? James
13 years ago 5
Wanting to move house , best place to look for best mortage deals ???? i have 25 % and a property to sell
Hi , seriously considering moving house , but need to move fairly quickly if i'm to snap up the property i have my eye on........i'm in a pretty good situation , i nearly own my place(very small o...
13 years ago 3
Re: Retirement 'wind-down'
Crossposted to I've no idea whether they can get away with this. Consider solicitors with financial advice training , search on the list of awards for lawyers involved in pension...
13 years ago 3
Intrest on 150k
How much intrest per annum could you earn on £150000
13 years ago 6
Bank Card Receipts - Hoarding in the Tills?
Seen just now on the lunchtime news, at last theyve caught a large retailer dumping our card receipts unshredded. In this age of online transcations and realtime processing can anyone in banking or ...
13 years ago 4
Voluntary NIC Contributions based on incorrect advice
Many people like myself will be greatly hacked off at having done the "right thing" and made voluntary NIC contributions, particularly when they were made at a time when we were particularly cash-...
13 years ago 4
capital gains on the sale of front garden along withh deralict building
I own a farmhouse which sits in .8 of an acre to ther front (and off to one side) of the house is a semi deralict cottage for which I have reently aquired full PP, if I sell off the front have of m...
13 years ago 6