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Ltd Company on Title Deed
On a Title Deed for a residential dwelling, the registered owner is ANOTHER LTD care of solicitors. I've looked on Companies House website and only a company by the name THE ANOTHER LTD is listed...
13 years ago 12
Do Bank Managers still exist?
Just wondering if there are still Managers, perhaps at the branch where an account is held, that make decisions about overdrafts etc? cheers, AB
13 years ago 10
online money or quicken type service?
Is there a service, similar to money and quicken, that is purely web-based and highly reputable?
13 years ago
Miss L.Toe
Miss L. Toe was helping me within NNTP.AIOE.ORG news group but I suddenly found that I could no longer post there to reply to her (I assume it is a her) so I have now found this group and hope I c...
13 years ago 6
Have you seen this?
Hi Dave Hope things are ok with you. You may already be able to do all this but just in case its usefull to you (or the girls) im sending this link to channel 4 video on demand. http://www.channe...
13 years ago 3
Re: Maghull Heating and Plumbing
I also live locally, and your blog doesn't give any idea why this company is incompetant? Its fairly reasonable for a part not to be carried around with them all the time and have to be ordered ...
13 years ago 1
ping tumbleweed
My uncles house is sold!...for less than the asking of 120k..... dunno how much less because my cousins dont like to talk about such things!! Took 10 months to sell.
13 years ago 7
please help
13 years ago 1
Q: Relative advantages of nominee account versus certificate-based share trading?
I'm looking for advice on the relative advantages or disadvantages of nominee accounts compared to share dealing accounts based on share certificates. My bank offers both, and the obvious differ...
13 years ago 7
Would appreciate some assistance on pension contribution rules. A friend of mine is 62 and employed by NHS where she is a member of a final salary pension scheme. For example only, assume that sh...
13 years ago 4
Advice please-which is the better deal?
Is it better to save in an ingdirect account having interest added monthly and with an AER of 4.75% or save with nationwide invest direct interest calculated daily but added annually at 5.05AER ...
13 years ago 1
Where the word 'Mortgage' originates
The word 'Mortgage' was originally derived from French: mort meaning death and gage meaning lock. So, a death lock
13 years ago 3
Advice on selling shares
If an executor with a grant of probate comes into possession of some LSE listed share certificates in the name of the decedent, what is the most economical way to liquidate them? Must he first have...
13 years ago 4
Private car, fuel card
I have a private car but I'm provided with a fuel card. I understand that the fuel card spend is taxed (just like salary?) but I've heard that I can also claim tax relief on business miles (40p for ...
13 years ago 1
Cashing in bonds
I have just sent some bonds in for repayment. The preferred method of payment is straight to a bank account. How comes they can't pay the winning cheques straight to a bank??
13 years ago 14